January 2014

Meeting, Festival and other Miscellany!

Greetings all!

Just going to be giving a few reminders for those who may have forgotten.

  • Firstly, the next meeting is still scheduled for the 9th of February (details here). Please ensure you attend as plans for our 30th anniversary will be discussed, as well as some very important administrative issues that need to be fixed up (more on that later).


  • Secondly, Rowany Festival is coming fast and if you have not booked yet, book now!!!  You can find booking information and prices here


  • Thirdly, on more specific details for Rowany Festival, Lady Dominica Dezeragoza is once again running a food fund in the Agaricus campsite. Here is her message for those that are interested in joining this year:

“Festival is once again approaching – if any are intending on going and camping with Agaricus can they please note the campsite on the booking form, numbers dictate camp allocation size. Household will once again have a food fund, (which I manage), if you are interested please contact me – fund covers all meals over the entire event different ages, allergies and dietary requirements can be catered for. if anyone needs assistance they can also talk to me”

You can reach Dominica on facebook under her mundane name Willhameena Power OR contact her via email at willhameena.power@bigpond.com


  • Lastly, I am still looking for people willing to provide some more content for the website. Please contact me at webminister@agaricus.lochac.sca.org, or on Facebook under my mundane name Jake Scherini, and let me know what the content is and any ideas you may have to improve the website as a whole.

That’s it for now. More news will be announced shortly.


Iago dell Arte



By Lochac Webwright | Officer, Rowany Festival, Webminister | Link

Website now (mostly) ready!

Greetings my lords and ladies!

The website is now set up and has some content, including (but not limited to):

  • An about page presenting the history of the Shire of Agaricus
  • A news page where all recent news and reports will be posted
  • A page listing regular activities such as A&S and meeting scheduals
  • Links to calendars for local and kingdom-wide events
  • List of current officers and officers positions vacant/advertised
  • A link to the our Facebook group
  • And some other things


So now is the time to take a look and tell me what you think. Any changes you think ought to be made and anything you might like me to add. I will try my best to get things done, but keep in mind I am still new to this kind of stuff. Bare with me.

Any officers, please email me your preferred username to webminister@agaricus.lochac.sca.org so I can create an account for you to write your own news and reports up on the website.

Thank you once again to Laura for helping me out with WordPress and to Marit who has provided us with some content already! If you feel as if you may have some content to add as well, please email me via the aforementioned address in the paragraph above and let me know what it is and where to put it.

I think that is all for now.



Iago del Arte

Agaricus Webminister

By Lochac Webwright | Officer, Webminister | Link

New Webpage


Agaricus now has a proper website hosted by the kingdom! 

You may find it here: https://agaricus.lochac.sca.org/

There is nothing there as of yet (except this post), but have no fear! Things will be sorted once we can figure out how things work. We have access, which is the main thing.

Thank you very much Lyndsay, for taking the time to email Masonry when it was still inconvenient for you to do so, getting most of the ground work sorted. Also, thank you Laura for your help with orgainising stuff and kicking things into gear.

Yours in Service

Iago del Arte

By Lochac Webwright | Officer, Webminister | Link