February 2014

Meeting Minutes for Sunday the 9th of February 2014

Apologies from: Susi, Paul, Tony, Sherene, Andrew, Laura, Chris Mc.
Attendance: Ray, Jake, Chrystal, Lyndsay, Cass, Ben, Laura, Marit.
Andrew advises at least 6 people going to Rowany Newcomers. Suggestion of garb making day before this.

*Offices to fill:
Senechal; Marit (unamimous acceptable)
Reeve; Jake (unanimous acceptable)
A&S; Ray (unanimous acceptable)
Lists; Laura (unanimous acceptable)
*Subject to approval by Lochac.
Todays things to Discuss
Since the loss of Helles Park, the nearest Archery is at St Peters. We have an invite to play archery at Ulric and Nalini’s place.
Agaricus to fight with his Majesty at festival.
Agaricus turns 30 this year, so a fest has been discussed for June (TBA) A&S- mushroom theamed item also the possebility of a tourney and mushroom sublties.
Jake to check hall costs, re 30th feast (June)
Jake advises there are over 30 paid members of Agaricus.
Days for the meeting: Not Sundays. Proposed Saturday 1-4pm. Invite comments.
Reports to be done after meetings.

*Officers reports: (out going)
Senechal: Lyndsay (out going)- I have officially stepped down for health reasons at the request of the Lochac Senechal. Filled in an out going senechal’s report thanking all for their help. Marit acting pending confirnmation by Lochac Sen.
Reeve: Ray (out going)- Waiting for Lyndsay to bank her cheque from last feast. Have sent money to Lochac for temp memberships, GST and kingdom levy. Jake will be new reeve.
A&S (out going): Marit- Lots of costuming happening. Jake is still making shoes, 16th feb-fabric shopping. 1st March-whelm- sewing. Ray to take over.
Webminister: Jake- We started with a dead site and now have a Lochac hosted Word Press website. Art on the site is either from creative common liscenced sources or my own work. Please help with pictures and content. Our website needs you.

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First meeting of the year and stepping down

The first meeting of the year will be on the 9th of February at 10AM BBQ lunch to follow weather permitting.

As of the first meeting of the year on 9 FEB 2014 I will be stepping down as seneschal due to health reasons. Meetings and A&S for the first of the month will still be at my place in Minto.

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